Entry fees for pub quizzes

I’ve been thinking today about relaunching a regular QuizQuizQuiz pub quiz somewhere in  London.

We ran a well-attended weekly pub quiz for the best part of 5 years at various venues in Hammersmith and Putney, but the recession hit, and we decided to concentrate on our core business of company quiz nights and team-building quiz events..

Most pub quizzes charge £1 per person, some charge £2, and some big event quizzes will charge £5-£10 (including food). I’m not counting here big charity events (which  might easily charge £100 per head), but regular pub quizzes.

What is a fair price to take part in a pub quiz, and what do you expect to get for your money?  And what should the pub do with your money? Put it all in prize fund, pay the quiz master or a bit of everything?

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  1. Benjamin Dodds
    Benjamin Dodds says:

    A weekly pub quiz would be great maybe somewhere in Croydon, if there already exists one, please recommend.
    I would expect to pay £2 the one I use to play cost that. They are brilliant things and help bring people together

  2. Dave Bill
    Dave Bill says:

    I charge £1 per person to enter my quiz, plus a second £1 per person for the ‘Jackpot Raffle’. That of course is in the back of beyond in Yorkshire.. I’m thinking that £2 per person would be the norm in the city.. I’m all for paying the quizmaster, but this has to be made clear from the off I reckon..

  3. Chris
    Chris says:

    If you’re charging the cost of a pint, you’ll draw in the random punter. As soon as you’re increasing that, you need to give some freebies – whether it’s bar snacks or finger food – thrown in.

    If it’s a quality quiz people won’t mind paying the quizmaster, but anything more than £5 a week is starting to take you out of the loose change bracket (i.e. paying with what’s going spare in your pocket/purse).

  4. Nette
    Nette says:

    How I miss the QQQ pub quiz you used to do in Hammersmith! It would be fantastic to have a regular QQQ pub quiz running again – but come down South of the River to Balham this time 😉


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