Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Quiz etc.

We are very rarely asked to include questions on specific topical events, but the two very notable exceptions to this of late have been the Olympics and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. It would seem that they are events of such national penetration and interest that a quiz at this time of year that does not reference them in some way would feel hollow.

But more interestingly, perhaps, is that the jubilee is a reason for people to hold their own quizzes – at street parties, dinner parties, schools, etc. – when they wouldn’t normally do so.

We’ve done our bit to help anyone who wants a Diamond Jubilee Quiz of their own (and doesn’t want to write their own quiz questions). You can buy one of our special packs of Queens’s Diamond Jubilee Quiz questions in our quiz questions shop – and if you use the special code TWQ you will get a 30% discount.

Enjoy the Jubilee festivities,  whether or not they include a quiz!

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