Sweaty QuizMasters

In this very hot weather, it can be tough for a quiz master to remain cool. Quiz venues are typically pubs, and pubs aren’t renowned for their ventilation systems. The people at the quiz have come to do a quiz, not to admire sweat patches oozing across the quiz master’s shirt. We’re even seeing “heat” themed quiz team names. One of our QuizMasters had a team called “Sweat on my Face” last night, which is nice.

So how to cope with the heat and still maintain at least some respectability of appearance?

As a QuizMaster, I have two simple tactics. I wear a t-shirt underneath my smart shirt. I might get hotter than I’d like to, but at least it won’t show. And I take my car to the quiz, and sit in freezing air-conditioning for 5 minutes before it starts.



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