£100 Prize Quiz Announcement

At 4pm on Friday 22nd June, we will be running a £100 Prize Quiz in addition to our normal Friday Quiz. The quiz will go online here at 4pm UK time on Friday 22nd June. We will also post the link on Twitter and Facebook shortly before the start time of the prize quiz.

The prize quiz will be in a similar format to the Friday Quiz, only with more questions and with the added excitement of time pressure to submit your answers.

Everyone on the Friday Quiz mailing list will receive a one-off notification shortly before the prize quiz opens, and prizes will be awarded based on accuracy and speed of responses submitted. If you don’t want to miss out, please sign-up to be on the Friday Quiz mailing list.

We won’t be able to stop anybody from using google, wikipedia etc, and as such there is no point in us declaring it not allowed. It is up to you whether you play using your brains or your internet research skills. Ultimately it is only a bit of fun with a fairly modest prize attached. However, we will have a good number of questions that may be tricky to look up online, and there is the added element of time pressure since the bigger prizes will go to those who submit most quickly, thus countering, to an extent, the time available for internet research.

We haven’t 100% finalised how the prizes (most likely payable as Amazon vouchers) will be allocated, but it will be something like this:

First prize of £50 will go to the highest score submitted by 4:15pm (with time of submission of answers being the tie-breaking factor if needed).

Second prize of £20 will go to either the second highest score submitted by 4:15pm or the highest score submitted between 4:15pm and 5pm (with time of submission of answers being the tie-breaking factor if needed), whichever is the higher.

Three third prizes (of £10 each) will go to the highest scores submitted after 5pm (and before the quiz closes at the end of the weekend), or the highest scores as yet unrewarded from those who submitted before 5pm. These may well end up being  consolation prizes for those who weren’t available at 4pm, or the more modest prizes for those who want to take the time to look up answers.

[and we reserve the right to give out prizes as we see fit, even if it ends up being nothing like the above – the one thing we will guarantee is that we will give out at least £100 in prizes to those we think deserve it!]

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