Prize Quiz Winners

On Friday 22nd June, we ran a special Prize Quiz. The questions and answers will stay online until 10th July if you want to take a look, and see how well you think you did. If you desperately want to know your exact score, then put your name in the comments box, and we’ll let you know. We are also trying to find a useful way of publishing the full results table without publishing people’s email addresses!

We had almost 500 people taking part, including people called Mickey Mouse, Daffy Duck, Donald Duck, Hugh Jarsz, Similar, Googlemouse, Peter Crouch, Diana Dors etc. – which is just fine for those who wished to participate anonymously. None of those people would have won a prize even if we had known who they were (but one or two were pretty close). Many thanks for taking part so enthusiastically – we will do it again later in the year.

We didn’t forbid the use of Google or other looking up, although we did discourage it, and we’d like to thank Tom Scott for being a control participant for persistent Googling throughout. It was very interesting to see how quickly it was possible for someone who is an extremely skilled tech-type person to complete the quiz whilst looking up on every single question. Tom did it in 12 minutes, but still got a few wrong – we did promise that some questions were rather awkward to look up!

So, the prizes, which took into account score, completion speed, and completion time with those who submitted their answers before 16:15 (15 minutes after it went live) being in contention for the top prizes. [actually it went live at about 15:59 according to our software].

First Prize, £50 goes to Brian Pendreigh with 34 out of 40, and a completion speed of 10m 3s, and a submission time of 16:09:25  Brian is a freelance freelance film journalist and author and writes on these subjects for The Times and Radio Times, as well as being a familiar name from various TV and radio quizzes.

Second Prize, £20 goes to Craig Element with 34 out of 40, and a completion speed of 11m 23s and a submission time of 15:10:41.

Third Prize (one of several third prizes), £10 goes to Iain Thoms with 32 out of 40, and a phenomenally fast completion speed of 6m 29s and a submission time of 15:06:43.

Commiserations to a few other people who also got 32 points and submitted before 16:15, but you were all nailed by Iain’s phenomenal speed!

Third Prize, £10 goes to David Renfree with 39 out of 40, and a completion time of 18m 02s but a submission time of 16:17:53, just after the 16:15 cut-off for the top prizes.

Third Prize, £10 goes to Gary Male with 39 out of 40, and a completion time of 20m 44s but a submission time of 16:20:20. Gary co-devised and wrote questions for a game show for Reading University student television called Accumulate! which came 3rd in a poll for best gameshow of the year a couple of years back, along with Daniel Peake.

Third Prize, £10 goes to Dave Mattingly, with 38 out of 40, and a completion time of 21m 15s and a submission time of 16:20:46. This was earlier and faster (only just in some cases) than a few other people with 38 out of 40 who submitted after 16:15, with special credit for the fact that David is from the US (and lives in the US) yet still managed to thrive in a quiz which had a fair few Britishisms in it.

Third Prize, £10 goes to Fiona Murray, with 39 out of 40, which was the highest score of those who submitted after the second cut-off time of 17:00.

There is one other prize winners who we are waiting to hear back from following an email to them to confirm their details – we will update this post as and when.

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