What’s the most popular quiz team name?

It won’t surprise anyone to know that here at QuizQuizQuiz we can be a little bit geeky sometimes. Spare moments are rare, but when they arise, we like nothing better than carrying out exhaustive and geeky studies into pressing quizzy issues of the day. Like – what really is the most popular pub quiz team name?

In order to find out, I took a sample  of scoresheets from the 2000+ quizzes that we have run over the years. This sample gave me 7,769 quiz teams which I sorted (including lumping together essentially identical variations on a name – e.g. Quiz Hoy + Sir Quiz Hoy etc.) to discover what names had been used more than any others.

And, so, exclusively for you, I can reveal the 10 Most Popular Quiz Team Names.

In reverse order …

10. (ironically) The Winners (21)

9. Ken Dodd’s Dad’s Dog’s Dead (22)

8. The Magnificent Seven (23)

7. Let’s Get Quizzical (24)

6. Gin’ll Fix It (25)

5. We Thought It Was A Disco (29)

4. Quizzee Rascal (54)

3. Norfolk and Chance (61)

2. Universally Challenged (66)

and, top of the pile, not by as much as I expected, but still going strong, it is

1. QuizTeam Aguilera (68)

Just missing the top 10, DENSA, Fat Kids Always Win at See-Saw, The A-Team, Quiz Akabusi and (dear oh dear), Fact Hunt.

This means that almost 1% of all quiz teams are called QuizTeam Aguilera. More than 3% of quiz teams are called either QuizTeam Aguilera, Universally Challenged, Norfolk and Chance or Quizzee Rascal.

Not too many surprises really – all good solid names, but there’s always room for weirder, wittier or less comprehensible names next to the standard ones, and for new names to appear on the scene. Will the new quiz season see a burst of Sir Quiz Hoys and QuizTeam Ohuruogus?

What are the most common names at your quizzes? And what’s your favourite?


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