Free Christmas Quiz Stuff

We have just launched our Christmas Prize Quiz. You can do it online or use the print-friendly version to test your family and friends.

We will be giving away £50 in Amazon vouchers – and to be in contention for that, you need to submit your answers online before midnight UK time on 6th January.

In addition, we have just released an update to our Free Christmas iPhone app,  QuizQuizQuiz Xmas. It is available on the app store. This contains hundreds of questions with a vaguely festive theme.

And if that isn’t enough for you, you can always get our main iPhone app, simply called QuizQuizQuiz, which has over 6000 questions (this is just in English – if you like to quiz in German, French, Spanish or Italian then you have lots more questions to play) There will be an update of around 3000 questions to this app in the coming weeks. Get QuizQuizQuiz in the app store.

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