Nice Quincidences

A couple of things have happened lately which have given me pleasure at the growing reach of QuizQuizQuiz.

One of them was just a gratifying tale of a friend seeing her colleagues busy in their office on a Friday afternoon, her asking them what they were doing, and them saying “Oh, we’re doing the Friday Quiz” … and it turned out to be the QuizQuizQuiz Friday Quiz. The mailing list for the Friday Quiz has grown slowly but surely (six times over) since it began five years ago, but we always suspect that there are way more people out there doing it than just those I send an e-mail to and those that fill it out, whether huddled round a screen, or forwarding it to friends or on Twitter or Facebook. If you aren’t on the Friday Quiz mailing list, then you can sign up to receive an email at 12:30 every Friday.

It’s nice to get concrete evidence of it being a fixture in offices all across London and beyond.

The second incident is an even greater personal pleasure, which has to do with the huge volumes of question writing for games etc. we’ve done over the years. Sometimes, I rather forget everything we’ve done and where it’ll end up.

Anyway, one former flatmate of mine, who now lives in Oz, was on a QANTAS plane and playing the in-flight entertainment quiz, when he saw the name of my other former flatmate as an “alternative” answer to a multiple choice question. Delighted by this (but perhaps unaware of the likely reason), he posted a picture of it on Facebook. I was also able to confirm that it was definitely my handywork by the presence of obscure 90s presenter and DJ Steve Penk as one of the other alternatives – Penk was a favourite running joke of that very flatmate, so I hope it gave him great pleasure to see his name up in lights next to him.

I do remember writing some questions which were going to be used as aeroplane entertainment quite some years ago, but like I say, sometimes the whereabouts of all the questions I do gets rather lost, so this was a lovely reminder that one way or another, QuizQuizQuiz is everywhere!

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