Love Hate Pub Quiz Relationships

Another guest post by Barry Bridges, a veteran QQQ QuizMaster

As I near the first decade of my QuizMastery at QuizQuizQuiz, I feel it’s the right time to let you into a little secret. First though, you need to promise not to tell anyone. Promise? In which case, it’s time for a revelation:


Not running them, of course: I love that. Being a QuizQuizQuiz QuizMaster is quite possibly the best job you could wish for, with a wide range of quizzical audiences eager to be stretched, pulled and probed nightly thanks to some outstanding mind-meltingly smart questions. I mean, I hate taking part in pub quizzes.

There’s a very simple reason for it. All of my friends know that I work for QuizQuizQuiz and so there is an absolute obligatory expectation that if you take part in a pub quiz you will win. And I don’t like that sort of pressure.

Granted, I do my best. In the past 5 years I’ve managed to get away with just 1 pub quiz every year (which, coincidentally, I’ve won every time), but around that I’m starting to run out of excuses as to why I shouldn’t be part of a friend’s pub quiz team.

For me, part of my dislike of pub quizzes stems from my knowledge of just how good a QuizQuizQuiz quiz actually is; most other quizzes are poor in comparison. I get really angry and frustrated when I’m taking part in a quiz and hear a badly-worded, ambiguous, unfair quiz questions to which a perfectly valid answer isn’t accepted. Or a question that is incredibly subjective, you-know-it-or-your-don’t in style, which divides a crowd and is so obscure that there’s just no fun in providing an answer.

If you ever want someone to run your quiz, I’d love to. But if you’re looking for someone to join your pub quiz team, count me out.


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