Keep On Punning

Are there still good quiz team names out there that haven’t been used? … these are the type of the big, deep questions I sometimes find myself asking.

Who knows? Who knows except the Quizzard of Oz himself (that’s been used, though not overused)? Of course, there are always new ones created by recent events or crazes. The last couple of years have seen a slightly baffling surge in “50 Shades of Grey”-based names, baffling because there isn’t that obvious a quizzy pun in there, and the best there is, 50 Shades of Grey Matter, is rarely used. 50 Shades of Greatness, 51 Shades of Grey, 50 Shades of Pay etc … well, ok, but it’s not really quizzy enough for me.

Then there are those pushing the envelope a little – i’ve seen a few Quizlamic States lately … not necessarily a big winner with the crowd on the night (as, no longer, is Gin’ll Fix It, naturally enough, although one of my fellow QuizMasters told of a team called Apocalypse Now Then Now Then).

Personally, I’ve enjoyed a couple of interactive names recently. They won’t change the world, but they’ve enlivened the evening – Boom Boom, Boom, Let Me Hear You Say … and It’s My Round, Who’s Having What? (good, clean fun …)

Still, it’s the quizzy pun which still holds sway but, without wishing to question people’s imagination, these are still overwhelmingly Quizteam Aguilera, Quizzee Rascal and Quiz Akabusi (with a sprinkling of Quiz Eubank, though no Quiz Eubank Jr as yet)

I’m easily pleased, but I’d be delighted to see any of the following at quizzes I run in the coming weeks – Quiz Quiztofferson, Onward Quizteam Soldiers, The Magic Quizteam, QuizQuoss’ll Make You …, Les Quizerables, Sealed With a Quiz, If You Want To Know If He Loves You So It’s In His Quiz (That’s Where It Is) … I could go on.

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