Only Connect: The Difficult Second Quiz Book

Only Connect: The Difficult Second Quiz Book is coming out on September 12th, and is available to order now. As you may know, Jack and David from QuizQuizQuiz are the Question Editors for Only Connect, and have put together the book, complete with a brilliant (of course) introduction from Victoria Coren Mitchell.

It follows a “same but slightly different” format to the first book: it’s packed full of question from the show, and includes plenty of brand new material as well. As with the first book, there is even a special Connecting Wall on the back cover so you don’t even have to open the book (though the answers to that one are inside the book).

For every question that has been on the show, we tell you how the teams managed, so you can compare yourself to them.

There’s also a bunch of extra goodies – and one or two lurking nuggets of particular delight that we’ll hope you’ll discover and enjoy.

You can buy the book from Amazon, and of course from all good book shops.


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