Last week, QuizQuizQuiz helped a charity to run a quiz in Switzerland, hosted by Swiss celebrities in Swiss German. We devised the format and wrote the questions with the help of translators and Swiss contacts able to confirm what would be well-known enough in Switzerland to be a hit with the (largely corporate) quiz teams.

I attended the charity quiz night, so I could see it all in action, and it was a great success (if I do say so myself). Competition was fierce, and the scores were very close, which is always gratifying, as it shows we got the difficulty level right.

Going to Zurich gave me the chance not only to see my first ever Swiss quiz, but also to take a quick trip to Liechtenstein, a short train ride away, so I could visit one of two doubly-landlocked countries in the world. What is the other? Answers on a postcard from Liechtenstein (Liechtenstein stamps are highly sought-after), or in the comments.


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