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Top performers on UK broadcast quizzes

We’ve made a list of the most successful UK quizzers of all time, in terms of performance on the big five “serious” broadcast quizzes: Brain of Britain, Mastermind, Fifteen-to-One, University Challenge, Only Connect. To qualify for the list, a quizzer needs to have won more than one of these shows. Top quizzers have occasionally struggled on some of […]

Only Connect Quiz Book

Only Connect: The Official Quiz Book has just been published. As you may know, Jack and David from QuizQuizQuiz are the Question Editors for Only Connect, and have put together the book, complete with brilliant introductions from Victoria Coren Mitchell. It’s packed full of question from the show, and includes plenty of brand new material […]

The Code – Trailer

Earlier this year we worked on the questions for ‘The Code’, a new BBC1 quiz show hosted by Matt Allwright, along with our own Lesley-Anne Brewis as the resident quiz expert. It starts on Monday 18th April, and is on every weekday at 2:15pm (and of course on iPlayer) until May 20th. We’ll post links to […]

Two rooms of Norwegians

One of our most experienced QuizMasters, Brewis, faced an interesting challenge earlier this month: run a 45 minutes quiz for 50 people, all from Norway (+ 1 from Sweden), on an away weekend in the Cotswolds. Brewis picks up the story: “As I was preparing the quiz for this very specific audience, I realised that […]

Killing the atmosphere

We’ve written before about different methods for marking answer sheets. Our method at QuizQuizQuiz quiz nights is always to mark them ourselves. The Quiz Master or assistant will do all the marking: compared to other methods, it’s quicker, more accurate, and crucially (for the purpose of comparison in this blog post) helps with the atmosphere of […]

Love Hate Pub Quiz Relationships

Another guest post by Barry Bridges, a veteran QQQ QuizMaster As I near the first decade of my QuizMastery at QuizQuizQuiz, I feel it’s the right time to let you into a little secret. First though, you need to promise not to tell anyone. Promise? In which case, it’s time for a revelation: I HATE […]

Pub Quiz Cheating

Here is a video of a talk given by our QuizMaster Jack at an event in Leeds recently on the topic of pub quiz cheating. The event was Bettakultcha, in which  a dozen or so speakers talk on different topics for just 5 minutes – and none of the 400+ audience know what the topics […]

Free Christmas Quiz Stuff

We have just launched our Christmas Prize Quiz. You can do it online or use the print-friendly version to test your family and friends. We will be giving away £50 in Amazon vouchers – and to be in contention for that, you need to submit your answers online before midnight UK time on 6th January. In addition, […]