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Free Christmas Quiz Stuff

We have just launched our Christmas Prize Quiz. You can do it online or use the print-friendly version to test your family and friends. We will be giving away £50 in Amazon vouchers – and to be in contention for that, you need to submit your answers online before midnight UK time on 6th January. In addition, […]

Understanding the Pub Quiz

I travelled to Durham on Wednesday to take part in a pub quiz – which is a long way to go from London (where I live) at the best of times, but it was even further to go given that on Wednesday morning I was in Lithuania. But there was a good reason for the […]

Jokers in Quiz Nights

This post is all about why we don’t use jokers in QuizQuizQuiz Quiz Nights. And by jokers we mean a device with which a team can get extra points (usually double points) for a round in the quiz. Jokers are ideally suited to 10×10 style quizzes – quizzes in which there are 10 rounds of […]

Checking Quiz Questions

Every quiz question needs to be checked, whether the question is for use in our Friday Quiz, our quiz nights or in a question pack we’ve written for an app. Checking quiz questions is about more than just checking the facts (although that is, of course, massively important). This post is mostly about multiple choice quiz […]

Quiz Night for Team-Building

A large number of the corporate quiz nights that we run are so-called team-building quizzes. Our views on quiz events for team-building are quite well reflected by the very first version of the QuizQuizQuiz website, back in 2003 [you can take a look at it here]. That early incarnation talked about team-building quiz nights as […]

Making History: Murray vs Federer Wimbledon Facts

We’ve gathered a handy list of facts and figures to help you be the expert in your living room during the 2012 Wimbledon Gentlemen’s Singles Final between Andy Murray and Roger Federer. If you want to print this off to have it to hand during the match, we’ve made a print-friendly version for you. Andy […]

Prize Quiz Winners

On Friday 22nd June, we ran a special Prize Quiz. The questions and answers will stay online until 10th July if you want to take a look, and see how well you think you did. If you desperately want to know your exact score, then put your name in the comments box, and we’ll let […]

Ties and Climaxes

We try extremely hard to ensure that all of our quizzes have an exciting climax. Sometimes it is pretty obvious to everyone which team has won, because they have been doing well all the way through, but even then you can try and build in a bit of suspense by at least making the top […]

£100 Prize Quiz Announcement

At 4pm on Friday 22nd June, we will be running a £100 Prize Quiz in addition to our normal Friday Quiz. The quiz will go online here at 4pm UK time on Friday 22nd June. We will also post the link on Twitter and Facebook shortly before the start time of the prize quiz. The prize […]

Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Quiz etc.

We are very rarely asked to include questions on specific topical events, but the two very notable exceptions to this of late have been the Olympics and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. It would seem that they are events of such national penetration and interest that a quiz at this time of year that does not reference […]