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Olympic Quiz Nights

We’ve cleared our diaries for the London Olympic period not so that we can go to watch the events (but we will!) but so that we have QuizMasters available all over London and the UK for running Olympic themed quiz nights. We’ve been working on some specific Olympic inspired quiz night ideas, and our question […]

Crowd Control and Rabble Rousing

Some audiences can be extremely difficult to manage, and require a Quiz Master (or indeed any other entertainer / speaker) to use all the tricks of the trade and force of presence and personality to keep things under control. I recently ran an 80s themed quiz for a very exuberant group of 120 sales people, […]

Wikipedia for Quiz Question Writers

In the olden days (well, 15 years ago) books were still the main way to check quiz questions. Even 5-10 years ago, the volume and quality of content available online wasn’t the same as it is now. Almost every famous person, film, band, TV show, organisation etc. now has an official site of some sort […]

Pub quizzes over Christmas

Many people like to spend Christmas with family, but just as many people want to get away from family for at least some of the time. And what better way to do that than by going to a pub quiz! I know most pubs are running quizzes as normal this week, but next week seems […]

Organise yourselves into teams of 4

What is the optimum size for a pub quiz team? The two great team based TV shows of our age, ‘Only Connect’ & ‘University Challenge’, would suggest that 3 or 4 is a good number, but really for a pub quiz that is often going to be too small. For TV it is a small […]

Born in the 1990s

At a comedy club I regularly attend, the compere will always pick on a young looking chap in the audience, and ask him what year he was born in…inevitably, if he is under 21 and the answer is 1990-something then the whole audience gasps “No way”, “1990! That’s so young!”, “How can someone born in […]

Entry fees for pub quizzes

I’ve been thinking today about relaunching a regular QuizQuizQuiz pub quiz somewhere in  London. We ran a well-attended weekly pub quiz for the best part of 5 years at various venues in Hammersmith and Putney, but the recession hit, and we decided to concentrate on our core business of company quiz nights and team-building quiz […]

Worst Quiz Question Ever

I was going to write about the best quiz questions ever – but I am a little tired, and I think that post requires rather more thought than I am capable of right now. So…instead, what is the worst quiz question ever? I don’t mean a question that is just plain wrong/out of date (e.g. […]

Life After Mastermind

We hope you’ve been enjoying our blog since we launched a few weeks ago. There are loads of good quiz blogs out there, and we’ll do our best to highlight some of our favourites from time-to-time. For starters, we think that readers of the QuizQuizQuiz blog will enjoy David Clarke’s ‘Life After Mastermind‘ blog. We […]