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Always read the questions

I’ve been to two pub quizzes in the last week, and at both I’ve experienced a regular irritation: the quiz master not having written the questions (fine – perfectly normal) but not having taken the trouble to read through them to be sure he understood them all first. As a result, you get a quiz […]

Professional quizzers

Is it unfair for seasoned quiz masters – i.e. proper quiz professionals who get paid for running quizzes – to take part in another pub quiz? My own quiz hosting schedule doesn’t give me much spare time for taking part in pub quizzes, but there are two local to me on Wednesday nights which have […]

Bright Jackets and Sparkly Bow-Ties

What should a quiz master wear? Of  the hundreds (and thousands) of clients for whom we have run quizzes over the years, the vast majority, say 99%, are entirely happy that we will dress appropriately for the event. Sometimes they don’t even tell us that the event is Black-Tie (luckily, we always ask, so we […]

Friday Quiz

Every Friday we post some quiz questions online for a bit of fun. Our Friday quiz has been going for about 3 years, and the feedback we get suggests that several hundred offices around the UK (and indeed the world) come to a standstill when the email lands, and everyone huddles round to try and […]

Quiz show parodies

I don’t watch a vast number of quiz shows on TV anymore (apart from Only Connect), although  “UK TV Quiz shows” was my chosen specialist subject on ‘The People Versus’ back in about 2000. I do enjoy a good quiz show parody though, and they don’t come along all that often. Here are my favourites, […]

Quiz Nights around the World: New York City

Do other countries have pub quizzes? Well, yes, but not necessarily as we know them in the UK. In January this year, I attended an event run by Noah Tarnow of The Big Quiz Thing (@bigquizthing on twitter) who, broadly speaking, is to  New York and Boston (and that general area) what QuizQuizQuiz is to London […]

Welcome to the new QuizQuizQuiz blog

Welcome to the new QuizQuizQuiz blog. We will be adding regular quiz musings very soon. You can look forward to our thoughts about quiz nights, quiz questions, quiz master tips, pub quizzes, celebrity encounters and much much more (we’ve got several months’ worth of blog ideas already stacked up). If you have any suggestions for […]