Common Quiz Night Complications Part 3

This one will be very short – a suggestion that we come up against every now and then at our quiz nights is that teams should be able to “buy” clues to questions.

Now, I don’t want to be too dismissive, because the purpose is obviously to make money for charity [we do a lot of charity quizzes] and we don’t really want to stand in the way of that, but this is not one of the better ways of getting cash from people, if the quality and integrity of a quiz is at all important (which it usually should be).

If you set no limit on the number of clues teams can get, then conceivably, taken to its logical conclusion, the quiz could be won by the worst team with the most money to spend. Interesting reflection on modern life that may be, but it’s a terribly unsatisfactory way to resolve a quiz.

Then again, if there are limits to the number of clues everyone can buy, then the chances are the clues won’t make any difference at all, as everyone’s score will be improved by exactly the same amount, and they end the evening slightly less satisfied and pleased with themselves than they would have been. Of course, the plus side is that a bit of money has been made for charity, so some would say it is worth the damage to the quality and integrity of the quiz.

But there are plenty of ways to raise money on a given evening, and fewer ways to hold an excellent quiz night.

What are the best extra fundraising quiz elements that you’ve come across?