David McGaughey

Questions Director

David started working for QuizQuizQuiz more than 10 years ago, and has run over 400 quizzes all around Britain and abroad since then.

He is the company’s main question writer, so has a vested interest in every single question he asks. As well as creating content for the company’s hosted quizzes, he has written for TV shows such as ‘Only Connect‘, ‘The Code‘ and ‘Hive Minds‘, not to mention countless apps, board games, quiz machines and everything else in between. He is the creator of the renowned QuizQuizQuiz Friday Quiz, and pores nerdishly over question response data every week, the better to understand just what makes a good quiz question and a fair, enjoyable quiz.

Outside of quizzes, he enjoys all sorts of writing, and makes regular, provocatively definitive “Best of” lists. His academic background is as a classicist, but his great loves are music, film and sport. Nevertheless, he is quite sure the best quiz questions he’s ever written have had nothing to do with any of those subjects. He used to play cricket and football regularly, but, thwarted by a broken leg and Father Time, now runs half-marathons and has even managed a couple of marathons. He goes to the cinema and to gigs whenever he can, often with the valid excuse that he is gathering knowledge for the day job.