Lesley-Anne Brewis

Events Director

For media enquiries about ‘The Code’, please go via the BBC.

Lesley takes overall responsibility for our hosted events. Having been to far too many quizzes whilst at Oxford University, she realised that (despite her History degree) she was best qualified for a career in Quiz. Since 2004, she has organised thousands of quizzes, and hosted many hundreds. Highlights include hosting quizzes on a warship, a (moving) Routemaster bus, in museums, football stadia, and in Lisbon, Bonn, Dublin, Vienna, Amsterdam and Disneyland Paris.

She was the resident quiz expert on BBC1 quiz show, ‘The Code‘, offering interesting facts and explanations about the questions asked by Matt Allwright. As well as numerous other appearances on TV as a quiz show contestant, Lesley once played a quiz machine live on air on the ‘Richard and Judy Show.’

When she’s not running quizzes, her favourite pastime is to, er, go to pub quizzes.