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Accurate and fun quiz questions tailored to your exact requirements

We’re very good at writing quiz questions which are interesting, fun and – of course – accurate. Whether it’s original content, created specifically for your game or event, or a carefully curated and edited extract from our large database, we provide you with just what you need, on-time and on-budget.

  • Publication-ready when we deliver: no need for extra checking or editing budgets
  • Accuracy that you can rely on
  • Difficulty levels that are finely tuned through years of experience and testing
  • Categories to fit your requirements
  • Hassle-free: we’re ruthlessly efficient, and always stick to agreed budgets and deadlines so you don’t have to worry
  • Responsive: when you need us we’re there for you and ready to act

“QuizQuizQuiz provided us with a professional, diligent, flexible and friendly question setting service. They provided us with thousands of varied questions – from specialist topics to more general trivia. Nothing was beyond their reach: they are the complete package, providing core question writing ability, full localisation into multiple languages and ranked tiered question difficulty. They were adaptable to varying styles based on feedback, copy editing, proof reading & final delivery to our proprietary format. They are a one stop shop for all our question writing needs.”

DoubleSix and Kuju Entertainment
‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’ Apps

“Thanks so much for delivering these so promptly – just what we’re looking for (as always).”

Endemol UK
‘Million Pound Drop’ Apps

“QuizQuizQuiz came highly recommended as great quiz question writers, so QQQ was briefed to create 24 weeks of quiz content for the national J2O Pub Quiz. Working closely with BBH, Labyrinth Games and J2O, QQQ created everything from logic puzzles, to comical copy for audio trailers, to fact-based clues, all in the cheeky and irreverent tone of the J2O Pub Quiz. QQQ were creative, efficient, thorough, and checked everything they created several times to ensure total accuracy.”

BBH/Britvic Soft Drinks
National J2O Pub Quiz

“QuizQuizQuiz provided us with quick and efficient service, with a friendly and yet always very professional manner. There was a great blend of questions that were tailored exactly to our requirements. Thanks!”

Bell-Fruit Games

“QuizQuizQuiz delivered questions on a variety of topics and of different difficulty levels, on time, and meeting all our requirements. They demonstrated their professionalism from the very start, when they provided an in-depth questionnaire which covered all market, audience, content, and format aspects of the job. We would highly recommend using QuizQuizQuiz for anyone wanting high quality trivia content.”


How we do it

  • Comprehensive briefing process

    We’ve developed a briefing process that ensures we know everything we need to know before we start work. Our brief covers a very wide range of areas including style, language guidelines, question content and context, difficulty level definitions, and much more.

  • Rigorous processes to ensure accuracy

    All our questions are checked by the original writer, and by the editor. We use a huge ranges of sources, both online and offline, to verify question accuracy, using our experience to judge what is suitable for different subjects. We write quiz questions in such a ways to avoid any possible ambiguity. For us accuracy goes beyond the facts: you can be confident of impeccable spelling and grammar, well-structured and nicely-formatted files, and rigorous adherence to any technical requirements.

  • Well-calibrated difficulty levels

    Most quiz games rely on accurate difficulty ratings of the questions, and you can rely on us to assign well-calibrated difficulty levels. Over the years, we’ve written vast numbers of quiz questions for a very wide range of applications, and we think we’re the best in the business when it comes to difficulty levels.  As well as writing quiz questions for our clients, we write questions for our own use. For example, we host live quiz events through which we get feedback on what is easy and what is difficult for a very wide range of demographics. In addition, our famous Friday Quiz gives us new data every week about what people know and what they don’t.