TV Shows

Producing quiz questions as the creative centrepiece of your show

We aren’t the only people who write quiz questions for TV quiz shows, so we focus on shows for which we can add real value. We are at our best when you need something a bit different, and when your quiz show is built around the creativity and originality of the questions. We can help with any or all of the entire process: from devising the question format bible, through question writing and liaising with the verifiers, all the way through to in-studio question management.

  • Accuracy that you can rely on
  • Creativity to connect with the audience
  • Original content and style for your show
  • Hassle-free: we’re ruthlessly efficient, and always stick to agreed budgets and deadlines so you don’t have to worry
  • Responsive: when you need us we’re there, ready to act – including evenings and weekends in the run up to recording, and on studio days (whether or not we’re in studio with you)
  • Collaborative: we become part of the team, keen to share our ideas and take on board yours

“Thanks for all your efforts on ‘Only Connect’ – your contribution has helped the series become the success it is, and we very much appreciate it.”

Producer, Only Connect

“I just wanted to say how impressed I was with you guys. Totally organised, collaborative, wonderfully creative, damn good at your job and a pleasure to work with. I really would love to work with you guys again.”

Sean Miller, Series Producer

“It has been a pleasure working with QuizQuizQuiz who managed to tailor the questions to the unique abilities of our competitors and also to our target audience.”

Producer, Child Genius

How we do it

  • Deep understanding of the show

    We will take as much time as needed to get to know you and the show. We’ll make sure we understand exactly what is required, and we’ll help you work out what is required. We’ll come to office run-throughs, run our own tests, and liaise with the casting team to gauge contestant knowledge and calibrate difficulty levels. Before we go into full question production mode, we’ll do some sample writing to test ideas and question styles with you. We can produce a full question brief, to be agreed by all parties, which becomes the reference for all writers, checkers, verifiers and producers so that everyone is working to the same guidelines.

  • Experienced writers

    We write thousands of questions every year (sometimes many tens of thousands) for a vast range of target audiences. We create new material for many different types of show, events and games which gives us a broad perspective on what works and what doesn’t, and an unrivalled understanding of how to pitch questions at the exactly the right level.

  • Flexibility

    Even with all the expertise in the world, sometimes it’s just impossible to predict how something will pan out – especially on a new show. And that’s where our experience comes in to its own: if things need to be tweaked, even at the last minute, we’re able to adapt as necessary by making good decisions quickly under pressure to keep everything on track.