Virtual Quizzes

Bringing separated colleagues and friends together

***Virtual and “real-life” quizzes booking update***
We currently have good availability for virtual bookings for the autumn (and Christmas). We are now taking bookings for in-person events, subject to ongoing government and medical advice, and (as required) suitable precautions and common sense

Our clients tell us that our online virtual quizzes are just as good as the “real-life” equivalent (“The best quiz I’ve ever been to, of any sort – the highlight of lockdown!”)

We’ve devised a range of formats for virtual quiz events (hosted online video-conferencing quizzes) that maximise fun, socialising, engagement, and interaction. We are not streaming or broadcasting quizzes for passive participation: we host virtual events that are as close to “real-life” quiz night as possible, harnessing the best of modern technology to engage with everyone in new and creative ways.

Participants log in remotely and play in teams (in mini video chat rooms ), while being guided through the event by one of our professional quiz masters.

The quiz question content and quiz format is tailored to the specifics of your event, so whoever is playing, wherever they are (and we run events every day with participants from all over the world), you can be sure that there is something for everyone.

Unprecedented numbers of people are working remotely and socially isolated. Bringing people together in creative ways has never been so important. We’d love to help.

“I was somewhat dubious about holding an online quiz night for 450 people – but although large, QQQ adapted their processes to ensure that it all went smoothly and on the night the quizmasters were excellent and had set questions to ensure that there was something for everyone. During this difficult time it was lovely for colleagues to re-connect with each other in a purely social environment and from the emails I have received the next day, everyone thoroughly enjoyed the evening – “just what the doctor ordered” was one of the comments!”

Birketts LLP

“The highlight of lockdown! The best quiz I’ve ever been to, of any sort.”

London tech startup

“Just wanted to take the opportunity to say thank you for a great quiz yesterday – we got amazing feedback from the team. The quiz master was so professional and ensured the process ran seamlessly.”

Hanover Investors Management LLP

“We’ll definitely carry on with virtual quizzes even after lockdown ends. They’re ideal for getting everyone in all our offices together at the same time.”

“Thanks for last night! People I’ve spoken to so far really enjoyed it, and I think we will look to do another one.”

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for an amazing quiz today. The staff loved it and I’ve had a lot of messages of thanks which is completely down to you.”

  • Entertaining, interactive and engaging for everyone
  • Hassle-free: we’re responsive and easy to deal with, and we provide all the essential ingredients for your quiz
  • Highly original and inventive
  • Perfectly pitched quiz questions, optimised for the online quiz format
  • Tailored to fit your team and timings
  • Can be fast-paced and short for those suffering from Zoom fatigue (around 45-60 minutes), so they can fit into or on the end of the working day. We generally recommend scheduling the event for 60-90 minutes for a perfect length virtual quiz.
  • Available for bookings during the day, evenings or at the weekend
  • Suitable for 6-500+ participants (with the format and technology adapted to make it work for your numbers)
  • Ideal for people joining from all around the world
  • Hosted by one of our vastly experienced professional quiz masters

“Thanks for a spectacular night – the number of messages of thanks we had has really swollen. In our recent AGM we were thanked for our “work” (literally no work for us) in keeping the community going over lockdown. This is all thanks to having 3 of your virtual quiz nights and it has been easy as pie. So thanks for that!”

“We are so grateful to QuizQuizQuiz – the several virtual quiz sessions that we’ve run with you over lockdown have been so well received at a time when everyone has felt particularly isolated.  Every single quiz has been great fun and we have been impressed to see how each time the format and technical advances have made the experience even easier to navigate.  Thanks particularly to Lesley for her very relaxed and fun style of hosting.  Would recommend this to anyone (and have).”

“We had such great feedback from guests, they had so much fun! Lesley was a great Quizmaster, keeping track of the time, and helpfully switching the running order slightly to accommodate a team who were having technical challenges. Also, Lesley frequently reminding guests to donate which was super helpful.  I have recommended QQQ on several occasions prior to our online event having worked with yourselves and Lesley in the past at my previous charity, and post event I have also shared  details.”

Full marks to QuizQizQuiz for managing and hosting the quiz yesterday: it was such good fun. There was a good range of questions, fun structures to the rounds, and Jack MC’ed the event well. It was pretty much seamless and really capturing the essence of what the “regular” quiz feels like. So many people have already told us how much they enjoyed it.

Right To Play UK

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for an amazing quiz today: David was great. The staff loved it and I have had a lot of messages of thanks which is completely down to you. It really helped start off their weekends so we’ll definitely look to arrange another one in a couple of weeks.

Kingswood Group

“Thanks – that was fabulous. I’ll probably try and do another one next month, so will be back in touch shortly to organise a date.”

“We really enjoyed the virtual quiz event: it was great to see so many happy faces interacting.”

“It really helped the weekend get off to a great start: we’ll organise another one in a couple of weeks!”

How we do it

  • Existing technologies

    Our virtual quiz format is optimised for Zoom (and we normally host events on our Zoom account), but we have experience adapting the format to work with the capabilities of the platforms that you already use (e.g. Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, Google Meet/Hangouts). We can also provide recommendations about alternative platforms that might work best for the specific requirements of your online quiz event.

    Either way, participants join in using tried and tested platforms that are reliable, and their familiarity ensures ease of use. Depending on the level of technical confidence of the particpants, we provide appropriate information before and during the virtual quiz event to ensure everyone knows what they need to get the most out of the quiz.

  • Perfectly pitched quiz questions

    We have worked out just the right types of question that work for virtual quizzes.

    We want you to be able to answer our questions, so we adapt question difficulty and subject matter during the quiz as we learn more about the participants: all you will notice is that everything feels at just the right level, with an ebb and flow of different types of content.

    Our quiz questions make you think in new ways and will have you discovering things that you’d forgotten you ever knew. They are memorable, guessable, interesting, amusing and enjoyable. They stir up debates over possible answers, and make you kick yourself if you get them wrong and cheer when you get them right.

  • Professional quiz masters

    Our quiz masters are rigorously trained and highly experienced. They have overall responsibility for selecting just the right format, content and tone to match your event.

    We have assistants working behind the scenes marking answer sheets and performing other logistical tasks to ensure the quiz master can deliver a top-quality quiz to the participants’ screens