Virtual Quizzes

Bringing separated teams together

Our virtual quizzes (hosted online video-conferencing quiz events) bring the fun, excitement and teambuilding aspects of a pub quiz direct to the computers of the participants, wherever they may be. Participants log in remotely and play in teams (in mini video chat rooms) against their colleagues, while being guided through the event by one of our professional quiz masters.

The quiz content is tailored to your team,and we use modern technology to engage in a variety of ways with everyone taking part.

With unprecedented numbers of people working remotely and socially isolated, bringing people together in creative ways has never been so important – and our hosted online quizzes will help you achieve just that for your team.

  • Entertaining, interactive and engaging for everyone
  • Hassle-free: we’re responsive and easy to deal with, and we provide all the essential ingredients for your quiz
  • Highly original and inventive
  • Perfectly pitched quiz questions to get you thinking in new ways
  • Tailored to fit your team and timings
  • Can be fast-paced and short (around 30-40 minutes), so they can fit easily into the working day, or make up part of a longer event
  • Available for bookings during the day, evenings or at the weekend

How we do it

  • Existing technologies

    Our format is optimised for Zoom (and we normally host events on our Zoom account), but we can adapt the format to work with the capabilities of the platforms that you already use.

    Either way, participants join in using tried and tested platforms that are reliable, and their familiarity ensures ease of use. We provide a short platform-specific guide to ensure all participants are ready in advance with what they need to get the most out of the quiz.

  • Perfectly pitched quiz questions

    We want you to be able to answer our questions, so we adapt question difficulty and subject matter during the quiz as we learn more about the participants: all you will notice is that everything is at just the right level.

    Our quiz questions make you think in new ways and will have you discovering things that you’d forgotten you ever knew. They are memorable, guessable, interesting, amusing and enjoyable. They stir up debates over possible answers, and make you kick yourself if you get them wrong and cheer when you get them right.

  • Professional quiz masters

    Our quiz masters are rigorously trained and highly experienced. They have overall responsibility for selecting just the right format, content and tone to match your event.

    We have assistants working behind the scenes marking answer sheets and preforming other logistical tasks to ensure the quiz master can deliver a top-quality quiz to the participants’ screens